Quality Assured

Worthington Industrial Products purchases materials from all the major fibre producers around the world. We then set about producing sewing threads, cords, ropes and braids controlled at every stage under our BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality approval.

We manufacture products to British, American and European standards as well as to our own and customers' designs. Below are a selection of the standards we manufacture to:

  • BSF135
  • BSF134
  • BSEN ISO 2062
  • MIL-C-83242
  • BSF100
  • BSF58
  • BSEN ISO 2060
  • MIL-C-5040
  • BSF381
  • BS6125
  • UK/SC/4782
  • MIL-C-43307
  • BSF143
  • BSF34
  • UK/SC/4888
  • MIL-C-7515
  • BS1932
  • BSF35
  • MIL-T-87128
  • MIL-C-87129
  • BSF132
  • BSF71
  • MIL-T-6134
  • BSF120
  • BS7141
  • MBFD

Our own library of products is vast and we are sure that we can supply products which meet your needs.


Worthington can boast over 200 years experience of producing cords, ropes, tapes.sleeves and sewing threads of the highest quality. Back in 1803 they manufactured threads from silk at their Portland Mill based in Leek, but since those early years they have developed and produced a myriad of other products in line with the changing needs of the industries they serve.

Today, specialist fibres are demanded to meet stringent performance requirements, and each product is manufactured to its own individual specification.

Quality control of all raw materials and constant inspection throughout the manufacturing process have a high priority within the company so as to ensure that the reputation Worthington has gained with customers both at home and overseas is maintained.


The main external markets for industrial threads include air and liquid filter manufacturers, the intermediate bulk container, packaging, upholstery and the safety harness industries.

A significant proportion of the specialist threads are transferred internally to the company's braid and cord department where they are used in the manufacture of a wide range of products amongst which are parachute cords and restraining straps which are widely used for ejector seats in military

With a look to the future, the company has not only invested heavily in the latest high performance machinery, but also in ongoing research into new technology. Often new products are developed in partnership with customers and the company welcomes joint initiatives of this kind.

Technical information and advice is readily available from the company's after-sales support team.